Sunday, April 20, 2008

That wonderful spam filter. . .

ya know the one that gmail and yahoo uses to save you from unwanted drives me batty sometimes.  I just remove from my spam folder in my gmail account 10 emails---all that was in there ---out in to the normal "inbox".  Some emails are a few days old....I guess I need to check it more often.

Have had a wonderful weekend and we are exhausted and so chilling---both of us are geeks on our computers--that would Anjea and me.  We did the shop hop thing, hit a quilt show and partied with pirates last night.  And today with rain is a perfect day to just sit watch movies play in fabric, drink wine and eat chocolate.  Stacie -the non-quilter friend who also was here this weekend- just left to have lunch and fly back to Florida.  Anjea doesn't leave til tomorrow afternoon--so more play time!

There are lots of pictures to share, once I go through them.  I'll be doing several posts throughout the day!


  1. Hey, sorry to have missed you on Tues. I left a note on what I hope was your car. Mike ended up working late so I decided to just bring Erik and that was a HUGE mistake. He wouldn't leave the dog alone so it was a pretty awful experience. Anyway, I'll try to catch you another time. Are you planning on going to the quilt show down in Gaithersburg next weekend?

    Sorry I missed you too! I got the note on my car and I understand with having Erik! :( We'll catch up. I am going to the show this coming weekend, unsure when. I'll keep you posted and maybe we can hook up there!

  2. This never used to happen, but now gmail often puts replies to blog comments in my spam folder, so I check it daily and always before emptying. Frustrating!

    I noticed that as well, very frustrating! But what cha going to do?! I'm catching up on emails, blogs will be next! Hope I haven't missed anything!

  3. Hey, rainy day! Stuck home, going nuts! Getting Swap project finished, though. Your web page looks fantastic. Why didn't you go with GREEN and orange they are such happy bright colors. And I thought I knew you.

    YuK!! Green & orange?? LOL We kinda zoned today as well, until I took her to the airport---then I had a nap!