Thursday, April 03, 2008

Are we there yet?

I don't think I've completely packed, but I'm ready to go. Been a stressful week from all directions. I feel badly leaving my hubby alone, but I'm sure he'll be golfing all 4 days :)

Whewwww...........I haven't hosted a swap in over a year and being the swap I'm hosting isn't a centralized swap - where ya can just send the same-one email to a group of 30+ people - this was a lot of work! But now it should be easy to manage from here on out. I'm very excited we have 32 folks in the swap.

I haven't had time to "play" on my day off...bills, laundry, swapping stuff....I am going to do a few 9 patch blocks for my sunflower quilt before I leave today.

I'm going to Orlando, Florida this afternoon and considering hitting a few quilt shops in the area, when I'm down there. I love seeing other shops - I don't necessarily purchase stuff, but love seeing/feeling out how other shops are set up and if they are friendly. Any recommendations for me?

Wow....a post without pictures? mmmmm, let me find something to entertain you....Michael the Cat & Glory enjoying a morning watching the birdies...



  1. You lucky girl! Traveling to yet another quilting party. Have a wonderful time. This is the best month of the year to go to Florida IMHO.