Monday, March 03, 2008

Manic Monday Offerings

Here's the winners from last week:

commenter #3: Leah
commenter #8: Country Mouse

I will email the winners later today, I'm kinda sick right now.Rules:

  1. This is free to any good home. I don't want or need anything in return, but if you feel the need just read my interest post to get ideas.

  2. All items are "used", as in I have either started work on them or pre-washed. Some things might still be in original packaging, but most will not be.

  3. All items are stored in a plastic bag in a non-smoker home. I do have cats, so if you are allergic, please be aware to wash items before handling.

  4. All items are "as is".

  5. You need to fill out the comment section completely, email and website please. This is important so I can contact you. If you don't have a blog, please let me know.

  6. I will place all commenters from this post in a bowl and have my youngest daughter pick out winners. All drawings will happen on Sunday, winner announced on the following week's Manic Monday post.

  7. If a week as 2 offerings, I will do two drawings. If you do not want to be in both, please state so in your comment.

  8. If there are no takers, I will repost the previous week's ufo until it has a home to go to. The purpose of this is to share and move this stuff out of my house.

  9. You can comment twice, once for yourself and once for a friend (whom might not blog). So, even if you don't like these offerings, you might know someone who will!

  10. If shipping is going to be over $5.00 for your package, I will ask you (nicely of course) to please pre-pay for the shipping costs before I mail your winnings to you. All mailings happen at the end of the month (for my own budgeting).

Here are this week's offering.

I got this book for one pattern, but no longer have a need for it. I'm sure someone will enjoy it. It's brand new and very country.



  1. There you are! Somehow I missed that you were moving, so didn't update my feed. It all seems to be working now, though.

  2. Oh. of course I love it, its miniature!!!Please put me in your drawing!!

  3. Hi there, never seem to get this 'deep' into the group to comment--life precludes me from getting off the first two pages usually but tonight, I'm surfing to the far outer reaches! Glad I found you. So sorry everyone is sick. My co-worker (she has the quilt shop, fabric, patterns, etc. and I have the Bernina dealership) is home sick and my 8-year-old has a cold after having had strep throat and the flu three weeks ago. It's been rough. I like your Manic Monday offerings and will definitely check back. I need to borrow this idea and clean out my own stash!

  4. Ohh, how fun, more strings for me. :) Sorry to hear that you're sick!

  5. I would love to win this. all your items are beautiful

  6. Hi! So glad to finally find you after your move. I couldn't get the link to take me to your new blog so I had to do some searching. Hope you are feeling better soon.
    I'd love to enter your draw this week. I love Thimbleberries patterns and I'm really into the country look. Thank you for your generous giveaway.

  7. I won! Yeah, I so love scraps and scrappy quilts! Thanks!