Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well there’s a first for everything…

Nothing like being hung up on by a telemarketer. I wasn't rude, just stood my ground letting him know I love the product, but can't afford it at this time and I was contacted yesterday and was about to explain maybe in a few months, but he hung up on me!?! Well then I guess I won't purchase from him again. I do have a regular dude I work with for this company, but they keep putting my number to other callers. Oh well, just weird to be hung up by a telemarketer - and I wasn't rude and I do purchase regular from. weird.

Well, went through most of my fabric yesterday and pull more stuff out to get rid of. I wish I could sell this stuff, I feel badly just donating it - I feel like I'm losing lots of money.

I might have a guest in April and like Norma, I'm have to step up my organizing and cleaning. I now have moved my (little) stash (that I have left) to their new positions. I have a few larger bins I need to figure out how to store.

No pictures this morning, but hopefully this afternoon after I sew a little bit.


  1. I too have your same fabric dilemna. I have fabric that has been gifted to me by 3 friends and some of it is really not my taste but I cannot bear to part with it because they felt so much joy giving it to me.
    So I am taking Bonnies advise from quiltville and I am making packets of different quilts and cutting the fabric up but mixing it with new stuff for future quilts that can be gifted to friends or charity.
    You can even make kits to sell on ebay or gift to a friend who wants to learn to sew.
    You can even donate some of this stuff to the art teacher at your local school or even an assiested living center.
    I hope this helps.

  2. You at least have a organizational plan........I feel like I cannot see the forest for the trees! (or the room for the fabric?). I know there is stuff here I will never use but parting with it is so hard. Why did I buy it in the first place, I wonder.

    Keep with it, company coming! In my case I have not seen this friend for 40 years so we are excited.

  3. Why can't you sell the fabric?

  4. Everyone appreciates your give-aways, but I bet you could sell this stuff on eBay (though it may be a hassle, I don't know). I love the idea of using it for scrappy quilts to donate, but that's also pretty time consuming. Just letting go of stuff is sometimes the best answer. Good luck!

  5. Why can't you sell the fabric??? I would buy some...hehe!


  6. why don't you set up an etsy acct I think you would be surprised how much you will sell.
    It would be worth a try.
    instead of giving it all way.
    and spending $$$ mailing it to everyone
    you are being TOO generous.

  7. I admire you for having the nerve to sort through your stash. I just can't bring myself to do it, it would take me forever. Everything is such a mess!

  8. depending on what you mean by donate...if its to a charity-you can take it on your taxes. so technically you'd get money for it....