Monday, January 28, 2008


To my new home! I'm VERY excited! I will no longer be posting in my blogger, but here. Please update your feeds.

Let me explain a few of my choices. I decided over a long time now to switch over to WordPress verses blogger - since mid-summer. The main thing holding me back was my layout, but with the highly TALENTED Kim from A Peach In Stitches, she designed a beautiful layout that just screams ME!! :D

A couple of features I really like in WordPress, is the commenting where you have to leave your email - meaning I can easily reply now to EVERYONE....very exciting (we all love emails) and also leaving your blog address (not manatory-because I know several readers who don't blog, yet). Now I know there is a pain with the confirming the comment in a seperate webpage and all, but I hope that doesn't stop anyone for commenting! I love comments!

So, that all be said, again WELCOME TO MY new blog. I have moved ALL my previous posts into this one for easy access and that includes the Manic Monday Offerings.

Any bugs or suggestions on making my blog more user friendly would be greatly appreciated!

Please update your bloglines or what ever reader service you use to this new feed and be sure to de-lurk and say hi from time to time! Also, check out my blogroll - - - it's a wee bit huge and I'm still editing it for easier reading.

I'm still working on the formating of text---I'm learning as I go along, please bare with me.

Keep reading down and see this week's Winner for Manic Monday Offerings....oh and to see what stuff I'm giving away this week too :D


  1. I can't get your new blog on my reader? :( I'm using google reader and it is saying that there's no feed for this address.

  2. I love your new home!!! Everything looks so nice and fits you well. I will change my bloglines to find you here. You have been very busy!!!!

  3. Love the new look. Very cool!

  4. Congrats on the new webpage! It looks great ;)