Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mini Projects

and a lot of stash busting....I started last night by pulling out this panel. . .

I got it and about 25 fq's last year from ebay and stashed it. Never added it to my UFO's until today. I finished the top and using the fq's for a backing, all it needs now is quilting and binding:

Then, I figured before diving into one of my other huge UFO's, I'd pull out a mini-kit I picked up in Houston, which is part of my stash UFO's I called "Weekenders". Meaning little projects I can finish in a weekend, and again the top is done and just need quilting and binding. Used another fabric for the backing from my stash!

Now, for the past hour I've been watching Heros on dvd (I'm really liking this show) and ripping out $100 worth of hand quilting. Yes, you read that right. I'm actually mad and in tears right now because of this. My beautiful fall dresden quilt I sent out to a hand quilter we started to use at the shop, came back sooooo sad. While I admire the work put into this there are more than a few errors and $100 lost in the cost, not to mention the cost of replacing the batting and backing.

First, there were about 4 puckers on the front that were more than 1.5" uneven. Then, the trimming job was done with scissors and totally boched - at least she didn't trim the top, just the backing. We couldn't figure out if she basted the quilt, but unfortunately, my co-worker got stuck by a T-pin that had be sewn into the quilt. And once we discovered those, I noticed more "holes" in the back of my quilt from using the T-pin.

In order for me to fix the puckers and add more quilting, I have to rip out the borders. And being the backing was trimmed so short and crazy, I have to rip out all the work around the dresden plates and center to replace the backing.

I'm soo sad and upset I just want to toss this. I am considering machine quilting it, but I have no clue where to start or even the desire now to finish this quilt. I'll finish ripping it apart and go from there. Just soo disappointed in this.

Back to ripping.


  1. The heart project is so cute!

    My heart is in my throat just reading about you having to rip out the hand quilting. I just can't believe she had the nerve to charge you so much for a crappy job. I would be in tears and cussing up a storm.

  2. Your weekend projects are wonderful. I had to re-read the last part of the entry. I just could not believe it. I feel so bad for you. A cyber hug to you.

  3. I love your weekend projects, you have been very busy!

    I so hate to hear about having to rip the quilting out. Very sad! I think I would just cry.

  4. country mouse1/19/2008 7:15 PM

    Love your little quilts.

    I am so sorry to hear about the quilting job. We all put so much effort and care into our quilts. Its horrible when something like this happens. To even find T-pins in the quilt, unreal! I would be in tears too.

  5. Love both your projects - so sad about the quilting - how horrible that she charged you for screwing up your quilt!!!

  6. sure hope the shop is no longer going to recommend her and you tell her why.
    Thats crazy she should refund your money.
    I would be cryng too..I am sure you will love the quilt again when your done...
    love your weekend projects .

  7. I understand how disappointed you are - how awful ! She really should refund your money. I would have a good cry too. xxx

  8. How awful! :(

    If the top isn't totally can send it my way and I'll hand quilt it for free! I'm totally serious. Let me know if you're interested!

    The heart panel top is awesome! How big is it? Will it hang in the house somewhere?

  9. Oh my goodness, Toni, that is such a shame. How upset you must feel.

    I do love the little weekend projects. I've often thought of doing a some little wall hangings for each season or holiday to display on my kitchen door, sort of like a wreath would be used. That's what these two quilts reminded me of. They're very sweet.

  10. Quilting Cindy1/21/2008 2:08 PM

    I know you must be just heart sick over your quilt. That is exactly why I don't want to send a quilt out to be quilted, I'm afraid I will be sick about over it.

  11. you should never offer hand quilting if you don't feel confident enough to do projects. Is she new to this? If so. that's ridiculous. You should show her what you did. She could graciously offer to give back half of it if not all of it. I'm soooo sorry to hear that :( I admit my hand quilting isn't up to par-but its for me and no one else usually.