Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mail stuff….

I keep meaning to and forget, so doing it now before I forget AGAIN! :D

First, a few weeks ago I received a wonderful package from my Secret Santa Christmas Swap - I have NO CLUE who it is (they didn't put in a card), and I haven't opened the gifts yet...once I do I'll share pictures and hopefully my sender! :D

Second, thank you Ms. Celtic Knots (aka Cathi), I received my little package of goodies and love them both! The key chain went right to work holding my van key and the charm I plan to wear!

Third, out of the total blue today a friend from LJ land sent a gift - it was a fun calendar - but I so needed the special attention today after all the stress I had and still await the arrival of my sister and her kids. (read this to learn more)

Forth, Ms. Sharon surprised me with a card and tea!

So, thank you all for sending the wonderful surprises. They have all arrived at the perfect time I needed them too!

Pictures will be coming....I know you all love pictures!


  1. Colleen Eskridge12/20/2007 12:39 PM

    Loved the runner pattern. How cute?I really need to try does look quick.I am trying to bust up my stash before I leave South Africa in Feb. Not going near as fast as yours seems to be. Colleen

  2. Don't forget to brew that tea and sip along with me at 3:15!!