Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Life is moving at a crazy speed….

yah for holidays and self imposed expectations.....le sigh.

Anywho, I'm way behind on reading blogs...need to downsize seriously.

I'm behind on taking care of this blog as well...Manic Mondays and mailings behind as well....

I'll catch up, just need some down time....soon...maybe this weekend, of course after I have put up decorations, done cards, finish holiday sewing, shopping....oh wait cleaning because my sister and nieces will be coming as well.....


  1. Down time? What's that?
    LOL- hard to come by for a few weeks, but i hope you find some!

  2. get some rest before you are too tired to enjoy the holidays. Working in retail at the holidays takes a toll. Hope you feel much better soon.

  3. Juliann in WA12/04/2007 5:42 AM

    Be sure to make time for putting up your feet and enjoying your company.

  4. Whoa - slow down Missus lol !! I think us women definitely try to do too much this time of year. Stick up a few more pieces of tinsel and no-one will notice the dust !!