Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stash busting and other random thoughts

I've read Judy's blog and seen many others making hard efforts to busting their stash. As I ponder what more could I possibly do, I'm amazed to realized I have cut not only my stash down in size, but my UFO's over the past few months!!!

I completely emptied my scrap basked a couple nights ago (that is an IKEA laundry hanging bag) into 7 US Postal Tyvek bags....4 have moved on to new homes and 1 is already claimed...and but wait, I have two more up for grabs (let's see who read my blog and isn't a stash buster who wants scraps - first 2 folks who mention it in a comment, I'll pop these in the mail later this week).

I do have the ultimate goal of a new sewing studio though and the more I move out of my area the easier it will be for me to redesign and complete an area of "zen" for my sewing.

I have one bin that will continue for Manic Monday Offerings for a few months into 2008, but otherwise I'm way ahead of the game. Next I need to completely redo my UFO listing to show what I have on the "hopper".

I do feel a sense of control with busting my stash and ufos, but I guess I do need to understand why I gather so much clutter in the first place. I've been working on this "situation" for a couple years now. I seem to be closer at a point to just focusing on a simple number of projects, then all a sudden I see something new and bright and shiny and have to have it. So, I have tried to answer more questions before purchasing fabric. Why do I need it? Do I have a pattern? Who would the finish project go to? Can I afford it at this time of the month? Maybe I need to make an index card with these questions, that way I can have a visual tool and help myself keep more on track.

Sorry for the ramblings, but need to document some thoughts to come back to.

What am I working on now?

1. Baby quilt - almost finished blocks
2. Round Robin Blogger Swap - due 12/15
3. Secret Santa Christmas Swap - due 12/1
4. Four Season Swap - sometime in the new year
5. Various quickie gift ideas....
6. Finish mini table runner for Civil War Lover Letter Club starting in January

EDIT: Ok, I understand folks interest in getting freebie stuff, but if I can't email you from your comment or even through your blog profile (aka meaning you don't have a blogger or blog listed for me to comment to you) how can I get your snail address? Please folks if you wish to receive freebies from me, I need some way to contact you. If you really want the freebies and don't have contact info, my email is visible in my profile. Email me, please. Thank you.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I would love a bag of scraps! I have great fun working with scraps.

  2. Murphy's world11/21/2007 4:12 PM

    I am definately not a stashbuster, and love love love scraps, if it is still up for grabs I'd love more scraps.

  3. Helen in the UK11/21/2007 10:29 PM

    Good luck with your stashbusting efforts :)

  4. I should stashbust too, but I just can't and I'm not sure if I really want to so feel free to send scraps anytime LOL

  5. Studio Christine11/22/2007 2:14 AM

    I'm not in the Stashbuster group.

    I'm *just* a disciple(sp?) of the Bonnie Hunter Shcool of Scraps :>)

    ...have just started making crumb blocks.....

    ....quilter's scraps....(almost) better than chocolate

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! I am not commenting for the scraps as I have enough of my own to use up. Over the years my mindset has changed on what to keep and what to use for LWR quilts. My scraps continue to shrink but slowly. But on the upside, I have made several small projects without purchasing a think. I recently gave my four Tuesday evening crafting friends each a quiltlet and they loved them. I am thinking I just need to keep making quiltlets until the stash is smaller. I also need to spend some time on LWR quilts to get rid of the three boxes/bins of scraps I wouldn't use in a 'nice' quilt.

  7. I'm down to a single Rubbermaid of scraps so none for me, thanks anyway.

    Just stopped by to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!ufhz

  8. Love the scraps for paper piecing. Count me in.

  9. if your scraps aren't all spoken for I would love some...

    I was reading about Judy L.'s (and many others) stashbusting efforts...and I am not in dire need of it yet. I keep a revolving door thing going in my stash. some of it is getting a little old and unappreciated, but not too much. :)