Sunday, November 25, 2007

more pictures….

I got two more things off my list....

first my Civil War Club project for January. I designed this using 3 of the blocks from the book Civil War Love Letters. Done - completely!!!

And a quilt as your go table runner. It took my 2 hours!!!!! Well, I need to finish the binding, but it's done!!! I'm going to whipped out of few of these for gifts this week!!! Soooo, easy!

Now, need to finished up my RRBlogger Block and SSCS this week!! I'm cruising!! :D


  1. I love that table runner. It does look like it would be quick...perfect for holiday presents!

    BTW...I received your squishy package! Thanks so MUCH :)

  2. I love the tablerunner. very nice.

  3. The table runner is really sweet. Wow-you are a wonder.

  4. I really like that Christmas colorways!

  5. Quilting Cindy11/27/2007 2:46 AM

    I love the tablerunner.

  6. Tracey in CT12/06/2007 4:59 PM

    I especially like that middle block!