Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday Quilt Five

It's Friday again! Please either post in your own blog or share your answers here in mine :D

This week's theme: Sales!

1. How often do you use coupons for quilting related items?
2. Do you find coupons for local quilt shops?
3. Do you shop online with coupons?
4. What was the best coupon/sale you took advantage of?
5. What would you like to see your local quilt shop often in a coupon or sale?

My Answers

1. Very often, though because I get a discount where I work, I use most coupons/sales online now days.
2. Not really. They don't seem to be available.
3. Yes. Since I joined the Fab Shop Hop, I get sales info all the time in my emails.
4. 50% coupons that come from Joann's...I get rotary cutting stuff there and books.
5. Buy one, get one free - either fabric or notions.


  1. Very interesting blog and I posted the same on mine - thanks

  2. The Calico Cat9/07/2007 3:39 AM

    I am going to add this to my post...

  3. I never get coupons :(

    I wonder where you'd get them from in the UK?

  4. I get Joann's coupons and online ones for Hobby Lobby. Local quilt shops don't seem to have coupons unless there are mailing lists I am not aware of. Michael's has coupons and does carry quilting rulers, mats,and etc.

    Best coupon would be a 50%, it was great when Joann's would let you use them for sale items too, but that is no longer their policy.

  5. Just found your site and really enjoyed reading. Coupons?? The two local quilt stores here don't even have sales. I live rurally so anything they don't have or I can find cheaper is ordered online.

    So, I'm not a coupon user, but I can find great deals online with a few good searches. I love internet bargains.