Friday, August 17, 2007

Friday Five

Share you answers here, or post them in your own blog.

Today's theme is randomness.

1. Have you ever done any redwork (machine or by hand)?
2. Do you measure your finished rows to be sure they are the proper length?
3. What did you sew/quilt this week?
4. Share a random quilting picture.
5. Why did you share that random picture?

My Answers:
1. Yes and both. Of course being I have an embroidery machine for the past 6 years, I do it all by machine now days.
2. It was weird for me doing a row by row swap this week when I had to verify and check the length of the row to be exactly 54.5" was a pain.
3. I finished 6 rows for said above swap and started 2 other swaps where you send finished projects. I like those kinds of swaps, because I don't have to worry about adding borders, binding, or backing to them :D
5. That is most of my autumn stash, which I'm about to use to make two doll quilts for swaps!


  1. those fabrics look so nice.
    i have never tried quilting, but recently i received a block quilting pattern and the instructions made it seem easier than I thought it would be.
    your blog has made me think that i might give it a go. thanks

  2. love ur stash! i love fall :) my fav season. although here in AZ we don't have the 4 seasons, really. lol