Monday, June 04, 2007

I think I’m ready….

to move forward. I have created and updated my ufo lists and have my new organizing tool in place. And it's actually given me more food for thought on how to get these UFO's done.

I have a list from last year that I had to turn into participate in a UFO Challenge. I'm not allow to add to that list, so I have to keep it (verses adding on the new items I have already accumulated this year) and start a new list.

I have also decided to create a 3rd list (I can see you already shaking your head, how crazy I truly am) just for charity projects. My logic with this list is being able to track costs for charity quilts and use them for tax purposes. Also as I have been weeding through my lists, I have moved several projects to donation status.

I have taken a hard and serious look at my UFO's. Will I use the UFO in my home? Can I use it as a gift? If, so to whom? Will I honestly finish? Do I still enjoy the project? Do have I all the needed supplies?

Those were the major evaluation questions I used. I also plan to use this process it weeding through my fabric stash and pattern collection. Keep your eyes peeled on that's where I'll be posting things to go to new and wonderful homes.

Here is what I created with my index card file. So depending on my mood, in a glance I can see what needs to be cut, designed, sewn, etc. I have a card holder that I will use to hold what ever project I'm working on. I can document what ever I did to the ufo and move it forward in the index file. Monthly - maybe weekly - I can update my excel spreadsheet with the details.

Here are my stats:
UFO 2006 List: 47
UFO 2007 List: 27
Charity List: 11

I know when I got through my fabric I will be able to combine and make more UFO's which is ok, so I will be adding to this.

Next I need to take pictures of all my UFO's and update my website. That could take another week.


  1. Wow, way too organized for me! lol UFOs just have a tendency to show up just when you think you've counted them all! Good luck!

  2. The Calico Cat6/05/2007 1:29 AM

    O.K. you have piqued my interest... Middle of Maryland Quilt Shop... Middle of Maryland = Catonsville - in my mind? But I haven't seen you at Seminole Sampler or Bear's Paw (not that I am in either of those places often enough to know every one...)

    As my husband puts it, I am too close to Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg.

    I'll go to the Annapolis show on Sunday, too - unless I can get rid of the Maytag repair man early on Friday!

  3. I like your blog layout. I also like the idea of creating lists of UFOs. They do tend to motivate me to at least work on them some more. Sometimes I wonder why they became UFOs in the first place.

  4. The Calico Cat6/06/2007 10:11 AM

    I am hopefully going to check out Patches on Friday after the Maytag Repair man fixes my oven & after the MVA - hopefully before the Bicycle Shop - my "real" reason for going to Mt. Airy. Whole lot of "ifs" - hopefully it all works out.

  5. flippytale Quilter (Christine)6/07/2007 2:13 AM

    Index cards..... Wow, very organized! I'm impressed!